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"KeyDonor is an effective tool for the advancement shop that want to take data mining into its own hands. It's simple, clean interface and visual tutorials will be especially helpful for researchers who are already keen to get started with mining and analytics but who lack a working knowledge of the underlying statistics."

Richard Horne
Yale University

"The course provides the knowledge necessary to transform data mining and modeling from a post-conference buzz word into an integral part of fund-raising strategy."

Ben Card
Rochester Institute of Technology

"There is a lot to learn about data mining but this course has all you need to know to start. . . . Each step is clearly defined with great examples and exercises."

Pamela Mauldin
Marietta College

"Wow! So that's what data mining is all about! . . . To be able to analyze the wealth of information in our databases is a such a great opportunity. We own this valuable resource, but most of us are not using it. . . . KeyDonor is the place to start."

Joanne A. Decarli
Pomfret School

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A Multimedia Course in Data Mining for Fundraising Professionals

KeyDonor is an interactive multimedia course in data mining for development professionals that is designed to give fundraisers the skills to better understand their prospects and target their efforts more accurately. It combines high-quality audio with supporting text, graphics, animations, and interactive quizzes to provide an engaging, self-paced learning environment. In addition to teaching concepts that are fundamental for mining donor databases, KeyDonor teaches how to apply those concepts using Data Desk. It provides detailed, animated instructions and opportunities to practice using a student version of Data Desk and real donor data.

We produced KeyDonor in partnership with Peter Wylie, a recognized expert in the field of fundraising analytics. Peter has consulted for more than a hundred fundraising organizations, has presented at dozens of conferences, and has written several well-received white papers on this topic.

Benefits for Advancement Professionals

  • KeyDonor saves the time and expense of traveling to a multi-day training program.
  • KeyDonor teaches skills that can be used immediately to achieve lower appeals costs and more donation revenue.
  • The interactive table of contents, index, and glossary make KeyDonor a great reference for each new data mining project.
  • The KeyDonor CD can be shared among you and your colleagues.
  • KeyDonor includes the student version of Data Desk, so that you can apply what you have learned on datasets as large as 1,000 records.

Preview KeyDonor

Click here to preview a KeyDonor activity. Note that you need to have either Java or QuickTime installed in order to view this preview. You do not need Java or QuickTime to run the KeyDonor course. KeyDonor is delivered on CD-ROM and runs on all standard 32-bit Windows operating systems, such as Windows XP. You'll also need a sound card and speakers or a headset.

  Peter Wylie

Peter Wylie is a nationally recognized industrial psychologist and data analyst who teaches advancement professionals how to mine donor data bases to find predictors of giving.

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MediaDX Features

Learning activities combine high-quality audio synchronized with text, graphics, and animation to support all types of learning.

Simple tools for navigating the content, including a glossary, index and table of contents to help find and review key material later.

Controls for stopping, starting, rewinding and fast-forwarding the content so that you control the pace.


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