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Custom Courseware Development

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Custom Courseware Development

Data Description has an active program of cooperative development for its multimedia training and education products. Data Description multimedia products are marketed and sold by prestigious companies including Addison-Wesley, John Wiley and Sons, Springer-Verlag, Motorola, SPSS, and Minitab.

The MediaDX technology is remarkably versatile and can be used to create rich, hands-on learning environments for imparting information and know-how in any discipline or subject accessible by computer.

CD or Web-based courses

Check out how a web course works. Or, click here to see an example of a online product demo created using MediaDX.

Explore any of the CD-based, high-quality, content-rich training and education products we’ve developed using MediaDX:

Our Product? Or Yours?

We have produced MediaDX-based products for sale directly to Data Description customers, and under contracts for custom development, we have created MediaDX-based content for sale and distribution by other organizations. All told, MediaDX productions have been used by over 75,000 students and professionals in countries all over the world.

To discuss your education and training needs call (607) 257-1000 and ask to speak to a MediaDX sales representative or click here and send an e-mail.

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