ActivStats Pro

ActivStats 3.0 is an innovative multimedia education product that teaches introductory college-level statistics and the use of our Data Desk 6.3 data exploration package. ActivStats was designed and authored by Paul Velleman, and reflects modern research into how people learn, and specifically how people learn statistics.

Animated Activities introduce statistics concepts. Teaching Applets reinforce those concepts. Video is a motivational force, and guided analyses of real-world data provide hands-on practice with Data Desk 6.3. You'll get feedback from drag-and-drop quizzes, and return again and again to the glossary, index, and table of contents as ongoing sources of information.

ActivStats is used successfully by both professionals and students.

Professional Version

The Professional Version is designed to help you review the statistics you may have forgotten, or to learn these valuable skills for the first time. ActivStats provides everything you need to study statistics on your own. Free technical support is available to registered users by phone or online.

Academic Version

Use the Academic Version along with an introductory statistics course, or for additional study and review. It is designed to work with many standard statistics texts, and can even be used as the main text for a course (providing a built-in statistics package at no extra cost).

To purchase the Academic Version, you must be a student or faculty member affiliated with an accredited academic institution. ActivStats Academic Version is sold and supported by Pearson Education.

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