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MediaDX Multimedia Learning

Our content-rich, interactive multimedia courses have been extremely well received in the markets for training and educational software. We have developed courseware on a diverse array of subjects, demonstrating the versatility and wide applicability of our expertise and technology.

MediaDX™, our development technology, is behind the success of each of these products. MediaDX is a comprehensive multimedia environment that consists of flexible authoring tools and a powerful distribution and viewing engine and deploys a full array of media—narration, video, sound, animation, and interactive tools. Data Description's staff of skilled technicians and programmers uses the MediaDX tool set to build compelling learning environments for use in corporate training, as well as in education.

CD or Web-Based Learning

With MediaDX a training product can be distributed as a complete CD-based course or delivered via the Internet with other web-based content. Either way, the MediaDX technology engages the user in active learning in which the user interacts frequently with the product.

  Components of all products based in MediaDX

Statistics Training

Continuing Medical Education


Computer Science