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The best way to learn about Data Desk/XL Pro is to try it for yourself with your own spreadsheet data. Download the software appropriate for your computer system (Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS X) and install it in Excel like you would any other Excel Add-In.

You have 15 days to use Data Desk/XL without any restrictions in functionality whatsoever. At the end of 15 days the program will no longer work without an Activation Key. At any time before or after the 15 day trial period expires you can contact Data Description to purchase an Activation Key. The Activation Key converts the software from a trial copy to a fully-functional professional copy. Order an Activation Key with our online order form or by calling our sales department at 607-257-1000.

PLEASE NOTE: Our download policies will be changing soon. Check back for details.

Each hardware-specific download package contains the following files:

  • The Read Me file provides instructions on how to get up and running.
  • The Data Desk/XL Pro Add-In that automatically transfers the data from Excel to the DDXL Viewer.
  • The DDXL Viewer that is used to view the Excel data in a rich, versatile environment.
  • The DDXL Help file containing a complete users' guide and examples that illustrate how to use Data Desk/XL Pro.
  • An Add-Ons folder containing data files used in Data Desk/XL Pro.
  • An example Excel data file that you can use to check out Data Desk/XL Pro.

PLEASE NOTE: Our download policies will change on soon. Check back for details.

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