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Data Analytics

Our company was founded on ideas about the visual and interactive exploration of data. We believe that seeing and interacting with data are essential to understanding the truth hidden in them. Our pioneering statistics software brings Exploratory Data Analysis, to desktop computing as well as our contract analytics services, and we are frequently cited for our innovations in dynamic, interactive graphics that help you see what's actually going on in your data.

Gain More Useful Insight with Data Visualization

Our flexible and interactive data visualization tools instantly reveal patterns, relationships, subgroups and exceptions in data. When you use our software, you are using the same visualization tools we use in our own contract analysis services. They offer a range of functionality from entry-level Excel add-ins to our full-capacity flagship product, Data Desk.

Explore Your Data from Many Different Perspectives

The more ways you look at your data, the more fully you will understand their implications. We apply this rule to the analyses we provide for clients, and our software makes it easy for you to do the same. Our intuitive interfaces, many data display options and blazing computational speeds help you explore even the largest datasets efficiently.


With data exploration as our focus, our tools offer a comprehensive suite of statistical plots and procedures--from simple summaries to advanced linear models. In addition,

  • each output window allows variables to be swapped or added
  • each plot supports a number of selection, scaling, and identification tools
  • results in output tables can be dropped into variables for use in further analysis.

All of this allows you and us to produce efficient and insightful analyses.

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